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Meet the team

The boss Cat sitter Phil with Crumble

Big Boss

Phil Glazer

After a prolonged boardroom battle, Crumble generously agreed to let me have the role of Catsitter-in-Chief, Guardian of the Littertray, and General Catsbody.  I wish he'd also agreed to let me have my breakfast.......

Vanessa super cat sitter

Cat sitter

Vanessa Hosking

Vanessa is the latest addition to our team.  Given her other job as a trainee veterinary nurse, she is totally at ease with our charges.  Being a mum to four kitties, we think she should be spayed before she has any more.

Liah and her kitty Alfie

Cat sitter

Liah Manzi

Introducing Liah, the latest, latest addition to the team. Liah loves cooking, animals (but not cooking animals) and all things pink. Her special skills are caring, going the extra mile (and then some) and reaching things on very high shelves.

Max with his kitty Oscar

Chief Bean Counter

Max Glazer-Munck

Max is our Financial Department and Consigliere, as well as a Ragdoll Dad. Here he is practising his ventriloquist act with Oscar:- "Gottle of geer! Gottle of geer! Show me the Dreamies, show me the Dreamies!"

Karen chief admin with baby Peanut and Crumble

The Power behind the Throne

Karen Barr

Karen is our website designer, administrative Big Cheese, technowiz and cat sitter. Cats can't help responding to her calming influence.  If we had a motto, it would be, "Be more Karen......" (so it's just as well we don't!)

Laura Barr with Jellybean

Cat sitter

Laura Barr

Laura has lived with and cared for cats for most of her life.  When she's not being a Marketing Executive, she loves dreaming about being a penguin sitter.  So, if you have a black & white kitty with flippers and webbed feet, Laura's your girl!

Lesley making friends with Peanut

Cat sitter

Lesley Keller

Lesley is a lifelong cat servant. She loves outdoor pursuits, and also teaches piano and various wind instruments. I'm not saying she's boastful, but she does spend rather a lot of time blowing her own trumpet.

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